The birth of the 8th bed (2011) by Mary

Larry and I had planted three gooseberry bushes in the open near the two orchards by the tractor shed, as we were quite certain the deer wouldn't eat anything with thorns. Especially, when there was plenty else to eat. We checked them often during watering, and were surprised at how nicely they were growing, and how many berries they were producing the very first year. The berries were pretty little things, and I could just about taste a gooseberry crisp. I guess the deer had also been waiting until they ripened because one day we discovered the bushes were nibbled off right down to where the berries had been attached. They must have thought it worth the discomfort.  

The bushes weren't too damaged to live, and our studies told us that in the future, they would need to be protected in late winter, before early spring. We were always busy, but Larry made a makeshift chicken wire cover for each of them, and it continually hung over our heads that something permanent needed to be done. 

We discussed the nuisance of a small wire fence enclosure for only three gooseberry bushes numerous times. On the last discussion, I hesitantly offered that there was one more item on my wish list we hadn't planted. I never mentioned it before, because why would Larry want to build another 20 X 30 foot bed for a vegetable he didn't care for? Asparagus. It did have a redeeming quality in my favor; It is one of two vegetables (the other rhubarb) that is a perennial. Sustainability! Plus, It turned out that Todd and Nancy also like asparagus. Larry surprised me and said he was willing to give it a good try in the future. We acquired more fencing, and one weekend, Larry and Todd went out in the winter cold with eventual light drizzle, and built the 8th 20 X 30 foot bed around three eaten off gooseberry bushes in the corner, and plans for asparagus.

Inside info: When I typed that last sentence, I found it so funny, I laughed and laughed all by myself in front of the computer! Larry building a costly fence - in the winter - cold hands - getting wettish - for 3 straggly gooseberry bushes and a vegetable he doesn't like! I called him at work (he works nights) and read it to him between bouts of laughter. He found it funny, too! Time for bed. I should sleep well after that!

The pictures below are so you can have a good laugh, too! Captions by Mary

"I almost always take the pictures. You almost never take the pictures. So why do you choose to do so right now?"

"Yep, you look like you're in hog heaven alright."

                                                                         And counting

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