Finishing The Job  (July, 2012)  by Larry  (photos and captions by Mary)

After the big Memorial Day weekend projects, (Garage & Garage Cont.the garage had become a shell with a partial roof - wood shingles covered with asphalt shingles.  Finishing the job took part of two more weekends.  With a few cuts and sledgehammer blows, it collapsed.  Then, more cleanup.  The asphalt went to the silage pit for now, the wood shingles and boards to the burn pile after being sorted, and salvagable pieces were cut for the winter woodpile.

Nancy and I scooped the residue up while Todd did the cutting.  We had a HUGE pile of wood but couldn't burn it because of the very dry conditions.  Upon returning the following weekend, we enjoyed watching a wonderful, two and half hour rain.  Although it only rained .90 of an inch, it all soaked in, and made it possible for Mary to start and feed the fire.  Now, all that wood is only ashes.  What a change in appearance. 

Quite a space opened up, and we can see what was blocked by the garage - some trees and limbs and a little junk needing to be removed.  That should be a much smaller job, but then, who knows?! 

The skeleton of the garage was leaning by the time we returned.

 Larry & Todd:  Tearing down was more fun than this clean up is going to be!

Thought:  When we stand in the lane, we can 
see through to what will be a pretty site after a little cleanup.  However, I miss the coziness of all the buildings wrapping around the house yard.  Maybe we should build a garage or cabin there!

The cleanup is finished!  
From this view, you can see the 
little building with the bad roof.  It is the last building 
to be torn down.  

Looking towards the house.

                                                                       Side Track:  Todd's beautiful field garden!


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