Emptying the Garage  Memorial Day weekend 2012  by Larry   (Pictures & captions by Mary)

The garage, as we called it, is a 20' X 30' building that we hadn't attacked yet. It used to be a granary, but the roof is mostly fallen in and it became a large personal trash bin for someone long ago. There was a little of everything in there and a lot of pop and beer cans - hundreds. As with most cleanup on the farm, it became more of a job than expected. We burned what we could, took many tractor buckets to the old silage pit for later removal, started another pile of recyclable metal, and put the rest in trash bags. The next step is to finish taking the walls and roof down - another day.   

Larry & I used the front middle section for storing the lawn mower, chipper/shredder, and garden implements the first two years, and called it the garage.

Then Todd removed some of the lumber to repair another building and exposed its ugliness. We also used it to hide metal until we could hire someone to haul it away. 

Where do we start in such a mess? How do we sort it? Where do we put it? Does anyone have a plan? 

 It would have been an overwhelming job for one or two people.

After removing the large items, hundreds of pop and beer cans were uncovered.

The tractor bucket was filled and taken to the burn pile many times.

This is the second burn pile we've used over the years. The water tank is full of ashes and nails from all the boards we've burned, and we will empty it into the old silage pit and use another tank we found. One of these days/years, the burning should be over.

Perry enjoyed pulling nails. Now these studs can be cut into appropriate lengths and burned in the fireplace insert this winter. 

                                                   The next step is to finish taking the walls and roof down - another day.                                                                                                                                                 There is talk of building a cabin/guest house on this site. Fun to think about! 

Garage cont.

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