Garage Work Continued  Memorial Day weekend, 2012  by Larry  (Photos & captions by Mary)

Another project we tackled at the same time as the garage (Back to Garage ) was an area right next to it where we had piled wood and branches from a tree we felled last fall. There was also a small tree growing in the same area and close to the foundation of the garage. We cut that down and all the small branches went to the field compost and the rest to the firewood pile.  

We discovered many fireplace stones under the wood which we saved for who knows what future use. Having cleared this, a coil of several snakes will need to find a new home - fascinating. Mary and I often say when we leave the farm, that it's a little improved over when we arrived. It is especially true this time thanks to the help of Todd, Nancy, Erin, and Perry. 

Before we even got started, we discovered a coil of snakes sunning themselves. Nancy and I hoped we didn't discover any more as we picked up the logs and brush.  

Nancy & I remembered how much we didn't want to throw the wood from the big tree in a pile last fall, knowing it would need to be moved again. We worked on it off and on for the two days in the heat and strong wind, and it was hard work. I was envious of Nancy's youth and strength as she pushed the wheel barrows full of logs. 

Erin was a big help to us one of the mornings. She could also handle a wheel barrow of logs. 

Now what can we use these fireplace stones for? In the meantime, we'll store them in our "Lowes" building.

The scraggly tree has been cut down, the logs, brush, and firestones removed, and the whole area mowed.

 A growing firewood pile - the bonus for cleaning up the logs and brush.  

We were all SO pleased with our Memorial Day weekend's work. How clean it all looked, and what a difference. It just made my body dance inside! We couldn't help but go out and admire it all again the next morning before we left.


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