Last year, our trees produced four apples. One got knocked off and run over by the lawn mower. We lost a quarter of our crop!  Todd

Footies  Memorial Day weekend 2012   by Mary

I was prepared and anxiously waiting for this day. Soon after planting our fruit trees, I ordered several boxes of footies. You know, those skimpy little nylon footies you can barely keep on your feet while trying on shoes at the store. They are the organic fruit growers answer to bug problems. You simply stick your finger into the footie without stretching it, slip it over a small apple or pear, and give a little twist and tuck by the stem. The sock stretches as the fruit continues to grow, and becomes an excellent insect barrier. Then it needs to be removed a few days before harvest to allow the sun to add color to the fruit. Although only some of our trees started to produce this spring, there were far more apples than I had realized. How can anyone do a whole orchard?! 
An excellent insect barrier.

 Perry joined us for the holiday weekend.  He found the job fun and relaxing. 

Dwarf trees are certainly easy to work with. How strange to sometimes bend down to put the footies on the apples.


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