Barn Beams  by Todd & Mary  (fall 2012)

Although Larry & I didn't return to the farm after late October, Todd continued the important work of saving the barn.  Before beginning, he needed to build scaffolding, a project in itself.  He used lumber left over from previous shipments, and screwed it together so it could be taken apart and saved when the job was finished.

Todd:  "You would never guess from looking at it, but this was one of the hardest projects I have ever done.  Each of the two support beams contains 50 pieces, and everything about the project was a challenge.  The uneven rafters, the sagging rear wall, the heights, and having to handle long 2x10s all contributed to the challenge, but the hardest part was just seeing it through to completion."

Todd was right.  No one looking at the finished project could guess the work it took for him to figure out how to do this and then implement his plans.  His wife says he is a genius!  Notice the hay trolley/carrier still intact.  Our fourth season of work ended on an important accomplishment. 

The ongoing story of our farm is continued on the following site:

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