Archives of Year One.  (2009)

If you are just beginning to read our journal, as you finish one entry, the link is at the end of the reading for you to click and go on to the next. Otherwise, the link to each individual entry is below. I hope you enjoy our simple life experience on the farm.

Many thanks to all of you who have followed our hobby farm journal and sent us encouraging comments. We are excited and happy to be putting it all down in words before we forget. We hope you'll enjoy our second year as we try new things and continue to learn about the land and ourselves.   Mary & Larry     Contact us at

Archives of our first year on the farm:

The Disease and Prognosis                           Cash Crop

Land                                                               Chiggers

The Attributes                                                 Togetherness

The house                                                      Company

The farmyard                                                  Company cont.

Ownership                                                       Finishing touches

Ownership cont.                                              Fall     

The First Day 

Change of Attitude and Actions




First Year/Our New Life


Toss It

Toss It cont.




Thistles cont.

 Leaving is always difficult.

Contact us at:                                                                                                                                          On to second year:  Holidays                                                                                                        

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