A tractor  (2010)  by Mary

We desperately needed a tractor, or we would have the same thistle and weed problem this summer. Todd had decided he was going to move in a few months and would no longer need his for lane maintenance. It would be wonderful buying a used one knowing that it had been properly cared for.  

We were sad, though, remembering how excited Todd was when he bought his tractor. Larry had helped somewhat in the search. One morning my computer scrolled a picture of Todd and Nancy on the tractor shortly after they purchased it. I had tears. When I told Todd how I felt, he didn't seem sad at all. He said he had experienced owning and using a tractor and was glad it would have a good home. He would visit it!

Todd arranged for the delivery and we watched as it was unloaded with all the attachments. (mower, box scraper, straight scraper, tiller, and posthole digger)  We were so excited to have a tractor, and surprised at all it could do. However, a mental picture of two gray-haired people with only a wheel barrow flashed through my mind, and I kind of resented it - for a minute or two!  

Todd: He would visit it - teach his dad how to use it - do maintenance on it.

Larry: A little bit more of hog heaven!
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