Alone (2011)  by Mary

We were married right out of high school and on Larry's 18th. birthday. I was a more mature 18 1/2. According to Iowa law, I really was. Larry wasn't 21, so his dad had to sign in order for us to get married, but I was of age at 18. And Later, I had to sign for us to get a loan which made for more jokes. Anyway, we have been married for over 51 years, and rarely have been apart. We are not good at it. You could say that we are big babies about it. To not appear insensitive to anyone who has lost their mate, I will tell you that the last time we were apart a couple days, I said that if Larry dies first, someone needs to take me out and shoot me. I'm telling you this to lead up to the fact that Larry is coming home today from EIGHT whole days at the farm. We've never been apart that long. I determined to be more adult this time, so I will share with you the positive ways I learned to save energy, my energy, while he was away.

1. No one sees the master bathroom, so you don't need to clean it until little cobwebs make a valance from one light bulb to another above the mirror. 

2. You don't need to make the bed until laundry day. Actually, you could go two weeks if you slept on the other side of the bed the second week. With our king sized bed, you could even take the middle the third week and just wash the pillow case.  

3. You don't need to cook unless you want to. (Fat chance.) 

4. Therefore, you don't need to wash dishes as often. Just stack them by the sink until they bother you, and then ignore that feeling.

5. You can eat ice cream straight from the carton which saves a bowl with the bonus of not knowing when you've eaten a dish full, and you can keep right on going.

6. You don't need to go to the grocery store until you are desperate . . . such as when you are out of ice cream. 

I've done quite well, don't you think?! I'm going to greet him with a big hug and try not to cry too much.

Easter: After being married for three months, we moved to the big city (!) and lived in a trailer. We were almost grown-up by the time we had our first baby at age 20 and almost 21!

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