The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Robert Frost 

Larry: My lower abdomen had been bothering me for a few days, so I googled 'appendicitis symptoms' while at work that Wednesday night. They matched what I was experiencing so I made a 2:00 doctors appointment the next day and was scheduled for a 6:00 P.M. surgery the same day, April 15th. Thinking about planting the trees on the farm, I asked if I could postpone until we got back. I was told if I did, I would need to sign a form refusing medical treatment. The doctor also warned me I could spend three weeks in the hospital if my appendix burst, compared to just overnight, and I could travel to the farm the next day. 

That was not a pleasant trip even though Todd drove. I wondered what I would be good for. But staying home had sure sounded boring.  Oh well, maybe I can supervise.

Mary: Larry called from the doctor's office to tell me of his surgery. How would we ever manage without him? I had a zillion things to do before leaving for the farm the next morning, but spent my evening sitting in the hospital during his surgery and recovery, doing absolutely nothing. He would be released the next morning, and had the option of staying home in front of the TV watching movies. Perry would keep him company and wait on him. (Kinda wished I was having surgery.) No, he would go to the farm. 

I went to his hospital room to hurriedly pick him up the following morning, and finally found him walking around the hospital at a good pace, and straight as could be. He was also entertaining the staff with his little jokes. I'm annoyed.  

Larry had informed the doctor about the trees needing planting, and just before we left, I heard the doctor tell him he could do anything he wanted to do at the farm. "If it hurts, don't do it." What did that doctor know? I'm steaming. Plus Perry had just given me serious instructions. "Don't let him work, Mom. You know Dad."

We picked up his medication and took off. About half way to the farm, Larry said he was in pain, and it dawned on me what the doctor already knew, "Duh! Of course it's going to hurt!"


This picture of Perry was taken previously in the farm kitchen. Normally, he is back in the city taking care of our home. Weekend after weekend and on our vacation, he waters the gardens, brings in the paper and mail, cares for the house plants if needed, and often stays over. He does it happily without complaining. Takes after his mom - who leaves him desserts. : ) 

About us buying the farm:

Just look at Perry and imagine him saying slowly in his concerned voice, "Now, Mom & Dad, didn't you just take out your big flower garden and redo the berm so you wouldn't have to work so hard as you get older?"  Adult children.


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