Quote: But make no mistake: the weeds will win; nature bats last. Robert M. Pyle

The Cash Crop by Mary

I was sitting at the table one morning and looking out the sliding glass door. What were those ugly weeds across the lane where Larry had only recently cleared out the thistles? They were tall and bushy. How did they get big so quickly?

Soon after, the well man left a message on our home phone. He had checked the pump at our request. He mentioned that he found the well 'down there in that marijuana patch!' Now we knew what the tall, ugly weeds were, and our joke was that we finally found a cash crop!

The loveliest of things grow in that lower field: First comes the lush grass which is secretly hiding the second crop - nettles and thistles. For a third crop, we claim marijuana and another tall plant as thick as a forest which we refer to as fake elderberry. What a total disgusting mess! When one looks at the mess, though, you can't help but see that it has been a haven for insects, birds, and other wildlife for years, and feel regret for wanting to change it. We'll try to strike a balance.

A funny story: Our oldest son, Perry, was helping us one weekend. He loves doing outdoor work, and was also learning a lot about gardening that summer as he managed a group of boys at Boy's Town. We had our usual fire going in the lane, and Larry had thrown in some big marijuana plants. I couldn't figure out why Perry was having such a fit about something. When he realized he was smelling marijuana smoke, he became worried they might do a random drug test at work, and he might fail!

 Our second son, Todd, by the well in the marijuana patch.

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Larry cutting marijuana.

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