Making cheddar cheese curds:  (2011)  by Mary

My daughter, Amy, taught me how to make cheddar cheese curds and ricotta cheese. She has all the equipment, including a Nesco which holds four gallons of milk, and also comes in handy for other things. This was more time consuming than making butter, but very interesting. I love learning something new, and I've always wanted to make cheese!

The equipment.

Four gallons is a lot of milk.

Follow explicit directions on heating the milk, add rennet, and let it set at 88 to 90 degrees until the cheese forms. Then cut into curds.


Drain off the whey to be used for making ricotta cheese.

Picture: Cheddaring the curds:  

Directions: After the whey is removed, tilt the Nesco, pile all the curds into one heap on one end of the nesco so the whey can continue to drain. Cut it in half to create two mats of cheese. Put one mat on the top of the other. Every ten minutes, turn the mats over and move the bottom to the top. Cheddar the curds like this for 30 minutes keeping the temperature at 99 to 101 degrees.  

 Cut into pieces. 


Picture: Yummy!  The kids ate it like popcorn! (Caleb and Katie)

Things learned:  

How to make cheddar cheese curds and ricotta cheese.

If we had our own cow on the farm, and excess milk, it would be smart to make cheese. Otherwise, it is very costly.  

Quote: "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased!"  - Katharine Hepburn

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