The Chicken House:  (2011)  by Mary

The chicken house still needed painting, and choosing the right paint was the holdup. We wanted a color that blended with the brick on the house since all the buildings will be the same color and wrap around two sides of the house. I painted most of it, but had help on the difficult parts. There are still trim pieces under the roof's edges left to finish.

A tranquil view from the house and very handy for gathering eggs.
The chickens can have the safety of the pen at times. Otherwise, they are turned out to forage in the 
fenced in area on the right .

The lineup.

Ramona is always the first one to escape the fenced in area! She seems intelligent for a chicken, and wanders everywhere by herself, just checking things out. I walked into our bedroom one afternoon, and there was her head stretched as high as possible and looking in our window!

Left: The Doctor is the nice rooster. I can recognize him because he has some yellow feathers, and because he doesn't chase me.
Right: Jack is crowing here. He hates me, chases me, and tries to use his spurs when I kick at him. I make sure I have my handy board, and watch my back when I'm anywhere near. He should be named "The Karate Kid" as sometimes he flaps his wings and hops around on one leg in a semi-circle before he charges! He probably would do his best to protect his ladies from predators. 

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