Christmas Lambs  (2011)  by Mary -  Pictures by Erin

Early this fall, Erin sold Basil at auction, and bought Cheerio from a neighbor. Hopefully, Cheerio was pregnant and should deliver sometime in December. She is a Rambouillet, which is the French version of Merino sheep. Her wool is of higher quality than Hershey's, and produces very good yarn.  

Sure enough, at about 4:00 in the afternoon on Thursday, December 22nd, with Todd, Nancy, Allison (home from college), & Erin watching, Cheerio gave birth to twin ram (male) lambs weighing in at about 11-12 pounds each. Cheerio didn't need any assistance giving birth, although Erin did wipe the second lamb's nose off to make sure it could breathe. The twins were up and walking within an hour and the first born was sucking/nursing within a few hours. The second lamb needed some help, but they got him to suck by 9:00 in the evening. Cheerio could have given birth during the night or while the family was at our house for Christmas, but she timed it just right! 

 A good mommy!

Christmas lambs!

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