It ends WELL  (2011) by Mary

Finally, after nearly six weeks, there was action! The first step was to find a new place for the well. We wanted it up on the hill to gravity feed, with a cistern, and a solar powered pump. The well crew hit rock, and determined that was pretty much the whole area. Hopes were dashed for our cistern, and they tried a place closer to the house, also without luck. They decided to go back to the lower field somewhere close to the old well, and it worked on the second try at only 55' deep. By that fourth time, everyone was just relieved to hit water, and 'never mind' all the original plans. The man in charge was extremely happy with this well and said it should last decades.

It was also discovered that the lines were pretty much corroded, and it would be best to just go ahead and put in all new, so Wayne came with his crew to dig the trenches and lay the pipes. While we were at it, we replaced the hydrants, and added one extra, plus a water line to a future green house. Thankfully, Todd was there to help make the decisions where we wanted them for easy access, and there were a lot of phone calls going back and forth between us. He was on his feet both days working with the men as the machine dug trenches up to six feet deep. There were 1,095 feet for the water pipes, and 440 feet for the electrical wires. The place looked like a war zone after they finished. The crew filled them in, but not like we expected, and we have continued to grade and fill in as the trenches sink.

It was quite an ordeal, but now the farm is all set with easy access hydrants, amazing water pressure that can be used in multiple places at the same time, and Todd, Nancy, and Erin can take REAL SHOWERS! Wayne also replaced the water softener. We are happy to have everything new, and goodness, we needed somewhere to spend our money!

Above: The old well was down a metal ladder in a corrugated pipe. In the picture, Todd had just wrapped it with styrofoam for winter. 

Right: The new modern well even has an outlet for our electrical fence.

Bonus: Trenches were dug for electrical wiring to a future green house, and from the well directly to the main meter, eliminating 
the old well's special meter. One fee less a month. The last bonus was when we realized a few utility poles could be removed. I've noticed they always seem to be sticking up in the middle of pictures, and now they will be gone.

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