A Fall Visit  (2011) by Mary & Larry

Mary: I hadn't been to the farm for seven weeks as I stayed home to teach piano while Larry did the extended visits to help renovate the barn. I realized I had been missing "fall" at the farm and was anxious to go. As always, we both enjoyed the beautiful drive through Nebraska, with the multi-colored fields. Larry wanted to show me a newly discovered route as we neared, but I insisted upon taking the dirt road. I had missed it. We slowed in the lane to watch the animals and look at the apple orchard and garden cleaned for winter. Then, the first thing I noticed was the quiet, for one forgets the constant noise that fills our lives in the city. Looking over the lower pasture at all the large trees lining the creek, I felt refreshed. Yes, country feeds the soul.

The first two falls, I raked the thick layer of leaves in the house yard, and Larry & I put them through the chipper/shredder for compost. Not this year. I have a neck problem and shouldn't be raking anymore. Although it is quite a job, I find it sad, and wanted so much to pick up the rake I saw leaning against the fence. Instead, I told myself that Autumn leaves are for enjoying, and crunched and kicked them like a child as I walked along. Don't you just love that sound?!

Larry: Winter is fast approaching so Todd and I are back working on the south portion of the barn roof. This section is 12' x 36'. Todd had done some preparation, and on this weekend, we put on three rows of 4' x 8' plywood and removed a part of the remaining upper roof.  

The major improvement in the work this time was Mary being close by. She sat on a camp chair in the corral, took some pictures, and talked to us while we were working. Occasionally we needed a tool tossed up. She also was our cook as Nancy and Erin were gone. I definitely realized anew how I missed her on those times I came out alone.

The first sheet of heavy plywood is down.

 It is much easier with two people.

Finishing the third row.

Todd trimmed the sides, and Larry removed another portion of the roof for the next visit.

  View across the lower field: Bare trees have a special beauty.      


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