Backyard gardening  (2009)  by Mary

Gardening is in style everywhere, even at the White House! It is also very rewarding. We decided to be serious about raising some food in our backyard, so I began studying. My favorite book is "Lasagna Gardening."  "Square Foot Gardening" is also good, and you can read about both on the internet. I like to lasagna garden because you don't have to dig up the sod. You just lay down wet newspapers and layer all the good stuff on top. We made one raised bed using this method. Strawberries, onions and beets flourished in the loose soil.

Gardening was initially more costly for us because we are overrun with rabbits and had to put chicken wire around everything. (And, chicken wire just doesn't fit in with a well manicured yard!) Larry also cut a Pepsi barrel into three pieces for container gardens. Our bean-pole tee-pee was very successful, but the hanging tomatoes didn't produce well. I feel our summers are too hot for them. We had a berm we were transforming, and decided to use part of it for gardening. Between all these small places, we raised a lot of produce and were able to freeze many bags of tomatoes and beans.

My favorite, that anyone can do with only a little effort, is a container full of lettuces - a cool weather crop that can be grown in early spring and again in the fall. It is so neat to go out just before a meal, snip off some lettuce, wash it, and serve it. I wish I could compare the nutrient content with that procedure to store bought lettuce, that was picked, shipped, sat in stores, and then in our refrigerator.

How fun and rewarding to raise completely organic, nutrient rich food, grown with our own homemade compost and watered from rain barrels!                                                                                                                                                               on to Our new life:

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