Winter Holidays by Mary

We had a wonderful 2009 Christmas here in the city. Some of our family thought it was one of our best, and it was because of the snowstorm. Everyone, including our Wisconsin family, beat the storm here and most came prepared to sleep over. There was one gigantic slumber party with 6 of the 8 grandchildren, plus the dog, strung out across the floor. The kids enjoyed playing outside, and even jumped off our deck into the snowdrifts. Later, when our son dug out his lane, the cousins went there and made under-snow rooms decked out with Christmas lights and snacks. There was a constant line of wet snowsuits and mittens hanging in our utility room, and boots drying on the registers. 

A thought: It would be difficult to give up this house where all of our family gather with plenty of room.

Everyone eventually went home, and we took down the decorations and cleaned the house. This was the first year our outdoor decorations stayed frozen in the snow until a spring thaw.  

We couldn't help but wonder about our house on the farm, so we decided to head out on New Year's Day. Would you believe a party had been going on? Not the kind you might expect, but we had proof by the prints in the snow. Yes, the deer party in our yard while we are away!

There are always plenty of projects to do on the inside of the house, so it was nice to concentrate on some of them. The best part, though, was putting our air-mattress in front of the large fireplace and falling to sleep with the crackling and popping sounds of burning wood. Romantic.                                                                                                                                                     

Deer tracks - taken through our picture window - We think they party in our yard while we are away!                                                                Dream planning

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