The kitchen garden:  (2011)  by Mary

I had plans from the beginning for the kitchen garden if I ever moved to the farm. We only used the bed for corn and potatoes, but now Nancy could use it for her kitchen garden. Excited about that, I wanted to do my plans for her; I wanted to put in raised beds with paths to distinguish where to walk and where not to walk. I had learned from experience while raising the corn that a fence wastes so much space, and makes you fall into the garden if the paths by them aren't wide enough. Finally, the idea of a half raised bed next to and completely around the fence came to me, and I ran the idea past the guys. Todd said the half bed would require a lot more time and lumber. Then we decided not to use boards right next to the fence, but just pack it with straw to keep the weeds down. A bonus was that these raised beds only needed to be one 2X4 high as the ground had already been given many rich lasagna style layers. That would save hauling in so much dirt and other good materials. I love it when the men go to work and make my dreams happen! Just like that, they had it laid out and ready for more dirt.

A half raised bed continues around the fence, with two, long, full-sized raised beds in the middle. It was early March and it lightly snowed that night, but when planting season comes and there is so much to do, it will be ready.  

Mid June: A beautiful kitchen garden. Todd & Nancy had gardened at their previous home, so were somewhat experienced. Nancy wakes early and likes to take out the dog and then do her weeding and watering.

Wishes: I wish I had a garden exactly like this in the middle of my back yard here in the city, except the fence doesn't need to be that high. I wish everyone had one.

Signs of spring: 
discolored fingernails
dirty toenails                                                                                                                                                                                       Labor

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