An old-fashioned Christmas  (2010)  by Mary

Todd, Nancy, and Erin stayed at the farm for Christmas because the setup for the animals wasn't conducive to hiring someone as yet. Allison came home from college, and some friends visited for a few days over New Years.

To make their first Christmas on the farm special, they all bundled up and traipsed out to the field and cut their tree. Then they strung garlands of popcorn and cranberries, and made ornaments out of slices of citrus fruit. Erin sent me an e-mail saying, "Grandma, this was our first real tree in ten years, and I think it is my favorite!"

A neighbor stopped in and told them he had cut a Christmas tree from the field for as long as he could remember. He suggested they put green food coloring in the water and watch the tree green up from the bottom.

                Nancy, Allison, and Erin made gingerbread houses!

Dear followers,

This is the last entry for 2010! We can't believe I've 'stuck to it' for two years of journaling, and if you've read them all, we can't believe you stuck to it, either! Thank you for indulging us! Many of you have made interesting comments along the way which was encouraging, and I've noticed for several, the journal brought back fond memories of being raised on the farm. That made us happy! There was even disappointment to at least two people when WE weren't the ones who moved to our special retreat. Well the journey isn't over, and even we don't know the ending! We hope you'll join us for 2011 as we do more 'experimenting', and 'Woodland Springs' looks more and more like a real farm that we can all take pride in.

With appreciation,

Mary & Larry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jan. 2011- Wired

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