The farm kitchen

A Goodwill Store find

Shopping  (2009)  by Mary & Larry

It didn't take long before we went to town in search of a refrigerator, and later a washing machine which was needed during summer vacation. Although explicit directions to our farm are always required, only $20 was charged for delivery. We also replaced that nasty carpet in the bedrooms and hallway. What a difference. The carpet man said of the horribly smelling bedroom, "Yes, something is definitely going on in there!"   

The windows in the old part of the house were single pane, and wavy glass. (And full of dead flies.) We had all nine of these replaced with the energy efficient variety. Having removed the non-working central air-conditioner and installing a small window unit in the bathroom, we had just the little cooling boost needed for the summer.  

Our shopping habits changed along with everything else. A friend introduced me to the modern Goodwill stores, and clued me in on how to shop for bargains! Goodwill even gives me a senior citizen discount! What a neat place. Eventually, the kitchen, dining area, and bathrooms were complete and not only manageable, but cozy. 

Larry has become proficient in packing our '98 Honda accord to the top. He refers to it as his blue truck. Shopping requires knowing just what will fit, or if it can be taken apart in order to transport to the farm. We have taken out furniture, metal and wooden fence posts, rolls of wire fence, bags of compost and peat moss, a lawn mower, and numerous other things. In fact, If Larry hasn't been to Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Cabela's, or Tractor Supply in a few days, I tell everyone he gets withdrawal shakes!   

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