Summer's End  (2010)  by Mary

Our vacation time on the farm was coming to a close, but Josh helped us with one last job. We trimmed the trees that were hanging so low around the side of our house, it was difficult to park our car or tractor. It seemed like a small task to begin with, but I guess there are no such things on the farm. Larry used the chain saw, and Josh the tree trimmer. Then Josh & I cleaned up the mess by stacking the small logs on the firewood pile, and making it easy for Larry to feed the chipper/shredder. We like work that does two things at once such as cleaning up a tree, and making firewood, mulch, or compost at the same time.  

We had accomplished so much in such a short time with the extra help, but now it was over and time to clean up the house and head out. After an overnight stop at our home in the city, we traveled on to Wisconsin to take Josh home and spend time with our daughter and family.

The woodpile - a dead tree bonus. We'll see if it is enough to heat the house the whole winter.

Side track: We were sitting around the table at our daughter's home, and I told our four grandchildren that Grandpa and I had been married 50 years this summer and we did something together for the very first time. (Some people go on a cruise.)We needed nitrogen for our compost pile; so we each got a pail and shovel and tramped through the weeds, climbed over our neighbor's fence, and filled our buckets to the top. We stole cow pies! 

The next day, Caleb, age 12, seriously inquired, "Grandma, if you had asked your neighbor, would he have given them to you?!"

Quote: "Lets go cow chippin'."
    Rita Hauke

From the heart: This seems a good time to tell you about our 50th. wedding anniversary that took place this summer. Our children gave us a beautiful party for our 40th., so we didn't need another one. We assumed we would take a nice trip, but that was before the farm took root in our hearts and crowded out such niceties. Also, my friend to the end and I have already been blessed to do a lot of traveling together. We've been in all 50 states and all nine lower Canadian provinces. We've camped and hiked in the most beautiful places, taken a cruise to Alaska, saw England by car, and took a guided tour to Italy and Greece. I doubt that we'll go to our graves regretting that we didn't have fun. We've even gone cow chippin'!


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