The spring: (Picture) The farm was advertised as "Woodland Springs" and a good place to hunt. The deer water here, and we see and hear turkeys and coyotes. A clear-running creek borders one side.  

The elderly previous owner bought the farm so he could sit in a chair and watch or shoot deer! He left some chairs at strategic places! Too bad they were rotting, as I could have used one now and then! Mary

The Attributes: (2009)  by Larry & Mary

We don't know why we fell in love with our little farm of 20 acres before we even saw it. We especially don't know why we loved it AFTER we saw it. But we did. Both of us. Maybe we saw potential.

Here are some of the farm's benefits:

First of all the price was reasonable because of the recession. The owner's husband died, and she sold it to us for 40% less than she paid for it just three years earlier. The price actually dropped $10,000 from the first time we saw it advertised until we looked at it.

Most of all, it has the attributes we were looking for:
Secluded, but not far from a main highway.
Many areas where we can grow gardens and orchards for sustainable living.
A few small fields.
A wooded area.
And most importantly - a spring that produces 3 to 4 gallons of water a minute the year around.

A bonus: It has a very nice house that we'll tell you about later.

It is said that love is blind, but it still amazes us that two people like us, who want everything in its place, could overlook a total mess. 

We can't wait to tell you about the mess!                                                                                                                             The house 


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