The dirt road  by Larry & Mary

We forgot to journal about the dirt road! There are two ways to get to our farmhouse after we exit the highway: 9 1/2 miles of gravel road OR 2 miles of dirt and 3 1/2 miles of gravel. As we are getting close to our exit, we notice whether there is water beside the highway so we can make the decision to drive the gravel, or continue and take the dirt road which is impassible when wet. We prefer the dirt road whenever possible. From our farm, it is also a shortcut to one of the larger towns where we shop the most. 

What is it about the dusty, dirt road that we love? It is the feeling that when we leave the U S Highway, we are immediately in the middle of nowhere! Remoteness! In one area of the two mile stretch, banks on both sides are higher than our car with tall weeds growing on the top; a closed-in feeling. We need to drive slowly as a deer could be on us in the blink of an eye, and at the same time, we need to be watchful of the ruts in the road. We'll never forget the first time we drove it at night. It was pitch black except for our headlights. That is when we decided we had better make certain we have a good flashlight in our car in case we ever need to walk. Adventure! Yes, one is never too old for adventure!

  "There are no drive-by shootings on dirt roads." Paul Harvey

No ruts - the road grader had been through.

The narrow road changes from dirt to gravel as we approach a farm.

There are high banks on each side.   

An old bridge at the end of the shortcut.

 "People that live at the end of dirt roads learn early on that life is a

 bumpy ride."  Paul Harvey

Our lane

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