The first day (2009)

We realized it was a good thing the storm continued because it forced us to work inside the house before beginning the fun outside work. The farm was still somewhat allusive to me, and I couldn't even get a good view through the windows! I continued my vacuuming and scrubbing, and really hit the bathrooms. The guys felt sorry for me because I had to work alone. I certainly hadn't signed up for more housework, but then, nothing like cleaning every crack and corner to get acquainted with a strange house.  

Our son and I tackled the basement. Wow, what a mess. We dismantled an old, heavy chest freezer and barely got it up the stairs and out to the beginning of our junk pile behind a building. Then came an ancient coal furnace. What a monster. Taken apart, piece by piece, it was still difficult to get out. A discarded water heater lay on the floor where it had been left after installing a new one. Being filled with years of sediment, this took more grunt work to remove. We also took out some rather nice stuffed furniture that had absorbed the stench. Many years of odor in this basement. No windows and a boarded coal chute. Other junk covered the floor, but the strenuous part was done. This was actually enjoyable even though hard work. What would I have done without our son's help?

Clearing the rest of the debris would be another weekend's work.  We would return with bleach and tackle the mold.   

"Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them." 
Benjamin Disraeli


                                                                                                  change of attitude and actions

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