The move  (2010) by Mary

Todd & Nancy moved to the farm, which was a tremendous amount of work on their part. For us, it was difficult emotionally to move our few things out and give the house over to them even though we had been preparing for it in our minds for quite some time. We adjusted quickly, though, and dwelt on the benefits which are many.

Now, as we approach our lane, there stands a large mailbox. We turn the corner and stop to watch Zip grazing in the pasture behind our unique, self-harvested fence. The three sheep come closer and stare back at us inquisitively. We don't need to open up the house, but instead are greeted by Todd, Nancy, Erin, and Louie the dog. There is furniture in every room. Our isolated farmhouse suddenly has a land phone with a plan allowing long distant calls anywhere. There is satellite TV and internet connection. On the screened in porch, are 30 baby chickens in a tank with a heat lamp. Suddenly, the place looks very lived-in.  
A big improvement in our comfort came when we asked T&N to choose a queen-sized bed for us. They picked one out and it was delivered before we came the next time. No more struggling to get up off that air-mattress on the floor!  



Hershey, Basil, and Rosemary

 Photos by Erin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  fall-harvest.php 

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