Toss it anywhere!  (2009)  by Larry & Mary 

We refer to our first year at the farm as the "cleanup" year. We didn't have a tractor, so we did it manually with the help of wheelbarrows that were left at the farm. Also, some family help.

When we cleaned up an area, the mess went to one of these places:
     The loft: For storage and future use. (Top floor of one of our buildings. We had to clean it out first!)
Junk pile: Behind a building for pickup and recycling.
Burn pile: We burned straight through several weekends.

Unbelievable junk:  From both inside and outside of buildings, in fields, anywhere, we found nearly everything that furnishes a house. Thankfully we have pictures as our memory is fading. Here are some of the things we found:

For: kitchen: refrigerator - combination stove & microwave - table - many straight chairs - coffee pot - toasters - canned food -
                waste baskets - brooms  
bathroom: tub - stool - sink - towels - shower curtain/hooks
living room: couch - recliner - 4 stuffed chairs - bookcases & shelving - lamps - rugs - piano - curtains    
recreation room: game table & chairs - radio - stereo - records - CDs - magazines - phones -  sewing machine  
bedrooms: two large beds - two single beds - dresser - clothes 
playroom: furniture for a playhouse - toys
  Basement: furnace - hot water heater - washer - dryer - freezer - storage containers
Outdoors: picnic table - swing set - lawn chairs - bird feeder - dog kennel - hammock - lawn mower  
Odds & ends: liner for a pickup bed - tools - 3 wheel barrows - tires - chain saw - 2 satellite dishes

There was so much to do, we could pick whatever suited us at the time. One of our goals was to be able to look out any side of our yard and not see junk, so we would clean up the backside of the farm buildings. Other times we might choose the inside of a building or around a clump of trees, etc. We always left the farm looking better than when we came. On leaving, often before we got out of the lane, we were excitedly talking about next time!                                                                                                               toss it cont.
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