Amenities  (2009)  by Mary

How did someone know that a 20' x 30' fenced in garden, right across the lane from our sliding glass door, could make me so excited?! Of course, it was full of tall dried weeds, but we could take care of them. Look at the that darling work bench next to the gate!  A perfect place for shucking sweet corn. Then, there was a chair. I could almost imagine the elderly person who planted those parsnips we dug up, sitting on the chair to rest. It wasn't very stable anymore so I put it on the outside as a decoration. Charming!

We had so little time, and so many things to do - like mow the yard - but we managed to double dig two-thirds of the garden and plant sweet corn and potatoes - crops that were different from our city garden. Also some hills of cantaloupe in two corners. This brought back many memories as Larry's father raised potatoes to sell, and my mother had a huge sweet corn patch.

Another delightful amenity was the clothesline. Built to last. I use it when we spend our summer vacation there. No one around to catch me hanging out clothes early mornings in my nightgown!  

Tidbit: I have been hanging clothes inside our city house since the 

fall of 2008. Our mothers gave up the clothesline for a dryer. 

I gave up the dryer for a clothesline. Mostly.

On to Shopping!

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