April:  Beauty in the city 

Anticipation:  (2010)  by Mary

Monday, April 12th:  We received e-mail notification that our Stark Brother's Nursery shipment was on its way, so I quickly arranged with my students to be gone on Friday and  Saturday. It would take a long weekend to get all the planting done, if we could get it all done. There were a lot of holes to dig and fence to finish, but Todd would help.

Tuesday: Larry said he didn't feel well. His stomach hurt.

Wednesday: Three boxes arrived in the late afternoon. You would not believe how small they were. Two tall skinny boxes about 8"x12" and 4' high contained 21 bare root trees.
Thankfully, we paid $1 extra per tree to have them pruned as we could never have pruned them so severely. They looked like a stick with a few 4 inch branches. Three or four didn't have branches.   

The third box held time-release fertilizer pills and the needed soil acidifier for the blueberries. Also, 9 blackberry plants and six blueberry bushes which were so small, they fit into little six pack containers similar to those containing spring flowers. They would either take forever to grow and produce, or do well because they were so small. At least they would be easy to transport.  

Larry opened the boxes, checked to see if we received the full order, and added more water to the wet paper surrounding the roots as instructed.  

He also asked me exactly where my appendix scar was located.  

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