Renovation cont.  (2011)  by Larry

I took two days vacation coupled with a weekend and Todd and I tackled the south portion of the barn. I did the dismantling and Todd measured and cut the new wood for the rafters and wall. There was a fire in the burn tank for two days as Nancy, Allison, & Erin helped me burn the shingles, boards, and siding. We now have new 2x6 rafters in place of the rotted 2x4's and a new framed-in wall. The upper part of the south roof still needs to be removed, but progress is evident and we are pleased with our work.  

The south wall and half of the south roof are removed.

A sizable pile to take to the burn tank. The wall is framed.

New wall and rafters.

The area where the cows were milked.  Note the old-fashioned stanchions.       

 fall visit

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