Company  (2009)  by Mary

Anyone who came to visit us on the farm was put to work. Our two oldest granddaughters, Allison & Erin, joined us one weekend and we hired them to help wash walls. They worked hard, but what stands out in our minds is when we tried to show them the farm, they were more interested in the toads and snakes!

Josh, our oldest grandson, flew in and spent two weeks with us that first summer. He was 15 and 6' tall. He worked hard with us all day every day and never seemed to mind. He laughs easily, and we had so much fun together playing cards at night. No doubt, it was worth buying the farm just to spend all that time bonding with him.  

One morning, Josh got a good example of what it is like living with someone who is hard of hearing. Larry had come to the breakfast table in his pajamas, and I said, "Sometimes you just wake up cute!" (He does.) Larry said with a strange look, "Sometimes I make you want to puke?" We laughed so hard. Larry wanted to know, "Just what did you say?" but I couldn't get out more than one or two words without us bursting out laughing again! Larry got more and more annoyed, while we laughed until it hurt!

After we regained our composure, I told Josh that the scary part is that sometimes Larry may think he hears something, and I never know that he heard wrong.

I read that as we get older, men can't hear higher tones, (women's voices) and women can't hear lower tones. (men's voices) What kind of plan is that?     

Allison & Erin crashing after washing walls.

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Josh after we cleaned out the loft.

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