Togetherness:  by Mary

We worked all day in the heat cleaning up one mess after another, but took breaks about every two hours or so and had something cool to eat. I found it amazing the calories I consumed, but still lost a little weight each weekend.  

Growing up, I often felt lonely on the farm, so I was thankful we enjoyed working together, and usually the projects had something that both of us could do. Mr. Incurable Romantic, was always stopping to kiss me. I have never had so many dirty, sweaty, salty kisses in my life! Ugh! No use refusing, because it wouldn't do any good. It was one of those signs that he was so happy. Thus the other reason for the name Hobby Farm Honeymoon. We loved not only the land, but each other.  

As darkness approached, I would quit first and hit the shower while Larry put the tools away. Next, he would shower while I fixed the evening meal. We were SO tired. I would have an elbow on both sides of my plate with my head in my hands, look at my food, and think how much it would burn if my face fell in it. Then, somehow, as we rested and our food kicked in, we revived.

There was no place to relax. No recliner where we could put up our feet. No television to entertain us. No computer. No phone. Too tired to read. Just miserable tiredness . . . . and a card game called  "Hand and Foot!" It even hurt my hands to shuffle at first. Then, we would begin to play, get our strength back, and end up staying up too late, playing "just one more hand!" No wonder we preferred being at the farm. 

The bed: We slept on an air-mattress. The problem wasn't comfort. It was comfortable enough. The problem was getting up when we needed to go to the bathroom. We found we could roll out onto our hands and knees, grab a wall, a door frame, or something, and struggle to a standing position. Then get our stiff bodies to move so we could stagger into the bathroom. I'm sure Larry would rather not admit to this, and granted, I was probably worse. Oh, to be young! Nevertheless, the next morning, we were raring to go again.

Picture: We don't have a picture of "miserable tiredness." I was too tired to take it. Here is a photo of our farm cat's surprise.

Three great farm advances:
insect repellant 


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