Entrepreneur  (2011)  by Mary

I thought of Erin while teaching piano this week. I had just assigned a student the most famous Sonatina which was written by Muzio Clementi. It seems that Clementi was not only a famous pianist, but he had a hand in every aspect of the business: He also taught, composed, and founded a piano factory plus the famous publishing house called Collard & Collard. That is just what Erin plans to do with fiber. So far, she has a hand in the beginning and end, and is working on different aspects of the in-between.

You may recall, that Erin brought three sheep (ewes) with her when they moved to the farm the fall of 2010. I have always loved the picture below that she took of Hershey, Rosemary, and Basil. 

Hershey is a Corriedale. Corriedales are a medium quality wool breed. Rosemary and Basil are Columbias, which are used 50/50 for meat and wool. Because they aren't bred specifically for wool, it isn't the best quality and not used for nicer clothing. The three grew a lot over the next year and were great pals, entertaining us in their peculiar ways. Erin purchased shears and the family tackled shearing them when hot weather came. If sheep can be embarrassed, they were!  Since then, they have found a neighbor who will do it for them next spring, but I'm sure Erin and her dad will be watching and learning. 

Erin took Hershey's wool to Shepherd's Mill to be processed, and then spun it on her antique spinning wheel. 

 Then she used part of the wool to knit herself a purse!  

Although Erin is an involved high school junior at the present, she knits and knits, selling her ware to friends, family, and in the Old Market in Omaha. She plans to do some of the wool processing herself this summer, saving some of the fee. I imagine her doing the whole gamut some day, just like Clementi.

Christmas lambs

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