The Field Garden  (2011)  by Mary

The corral opens up into the lower field which continues to get fancied up with new fence and gates for the animals. The biggest change came when a large part on the east end, close to a quarter acre, was sectioned off with electric fence for various plantings. We didn't want it divided at all. After keeping the thistles, marijuana, nettles, and fake elderberry mowed, it was a lovely view with the large trees in the background, and we liked it wide open and untouched; just maybe someday someone would want to plant the whole field. But we also wanted an area for more garden, and finally agreed to this one division. My imagination should have figured in that Todd would square it off perfectly and have detailed plans for everything, including some experimenting along with the regular plantings. I'll have to admit, I didn't see the beauty of this garden coming. So, the first time I saw it, it really was the first time, since 
my mind hadn't pictured such a lovely garden at all.

     A former tall, thick, and marijuana/thistle/nettle/fake elderberry/you name it patch. It is a real challenge to keep the weeds out.

                                        Sweet corn 


Experiment: Last fall, I read that you can put small potatoes in cardboard egg cartons, leave them in your fridge all winter, and use them for seed potatoes. I put two dozen of the Yukon Gold we raised, in the drawer of our basement refrigerator, and sure enough, they kept well, and we planted them. The plants came up but stayed a little smaller than the others. You can see them in the picture in front of the other potato plants. Soon we'll see how they are producing. Next year, we'll not cut them before planting, but plant the whole potato. It is good to know we can save seed potatoes this way.  

Chicken house

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