Finishing touches  (2009)  by Mary

The farm had been tackled on summer weekends with a few tools, and a lot of sweat, muscle, determination, and will power. It will take years to turn it into a "well manicured(!)" acreage, but it is cleared of debris in many of the buildings and the areas surrounding the house. 

We also worked inside the house a little here and there. Simple things like replacing rusted floor registers and painting the inside of cupboards made quite a difference. We washed the basement with bleach which removed most of the odor. Only a few mice get in and they are confined to the basement where they feast on poison.   

The outside of the house was still waiting to be scraped, caulked, and painted, so we plodded on. Larry also installed new outdoor light fixtures, and lattice work around the screened in porch. Finally, a third call to the Coop rewarded us with a freshly painted propane tank. What a difference. 



                                                                                                                      On to Fall

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