Fall  (2009)  by Mary

Halloween, grandchildren's birthdays, (Charlie - 4 and Sophie - 1) and Thanksgiving kept us at home weekends in the late fall. Also, Christmas decorating started immediately after Thanksgiving in order to be prepared for Christmas piano recitals. It felt a little strange staying at home on those weekends, like being on vacation in our own city.

We managed two visits to the farm during that time, and squeezed in a few more cleanup jobs. Mostly, though, we raked the yard and put a lot of material through the chipper/shredder to build up the garden bed, for the compost pile, and making mulch for both the farm and our yard in the city. We also winterized the house and hoped for the best during our absence.  

I remember well, the two of us standing by the packed car on both those mornings as we were ready to leave. The coolness, calmness, and smell of fall in the country. Mmm. A peaceful scene. 

Looking back at pictures, I realize I no longer saw the dilapidated buildings as they are, but with character. I saw the result of the summer's work - a house that had become a second home, and a huge yard free of thistles and junk. I saw a summer filled with family, purpose, and togetherness. Mostly, I saw the beauty and tranquility of the place. Neither of us wanted to leave. There was a moment just before we got in the car that last time, when I came near to 'throwing in the towel' to our city life and saying, "Let's just stay here." 

There was silence going down the lane.    

Looking forward:  Larry

I have developed quite an attachment to the farm. There is anticipation upon arriving; sadness when leaving; joy in being there. Such freedom is difficult to describe. We didn't really plan this. It just happened, but we do have plans for next year. The possibilities are endless. Planting, repairing, removing, rescuing; whatever it is, it will be fun.  

back to finishing touches

Looking forward:  Mary
What a time we had experienced on our new farm. How our lives had changed. We would come to refer to this first year as the cleanup year. The cleanup would continue, but the following year would be different; it would be filled with one of my dreams. The set patterns of life tell us "no" so often, I hadn't recognized this dream as a possibility. But it IS a possibility. Now that we have the farm, it can happen because we are very familiar with the necessities: a few tools, and a lot of sweat, muscle, determination, and will power. Can't wait!  

Quote: When one of your dreams come true, you begin to look at the others more carefully.  anon

                                                      On to the second year: Holidays
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