Land: (2009) by Mary

It happened this way: We were changing our way of doing things in our house and yard here in the city. Going green. We were also considering the changing world and taking stock of our assets and safety. I remarked to our son that I wished we had some land. 
(I had always wanted land.) He told us that he had been watching available land on the internet and showed us how to look for it. In doing so, he pointed out a couple places he had his eye on.

In the following days, I often took another look at one of those places. The one with the small red barn! What was it about that place?! Oh, well. No use bringing up something we can't have.

Would you believe that one day, Larry, my perfect opposite, stood in our office doorway while I was on the computer and said, "I've been wondering about that piece of land." I said, "It has been calling me."

Quote: "Buy land - they're not making it any more." Mark Twain
                                                                                                                                                              The attributes

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