On a map of our state showing cell-phone service, there is a very small black sliver where there is none. Our farm!

                 We are meeting more locals and liking "country folk!" 

Ownership:  (2009)  Larry's account of the first evening.

We arrived at the farm, in the storm, about 5:30; shortly before a local handyman we had called. He was familiar with the property, having done some work for the previous owners. His experience proved valuable. We had electricity to the house but NO WATER. Our man knew what to do! He jumped in his truck and drove 100 yards thru the weeds to the well. It is a 4' wide corrugated pipe set on end six feet into the ground. Removing the covering, he climbed down there although some electrical wires were hanging out the side, and rain and sleet were coming down. My son and I looked at each other rather wide-eyed! No power here either. We soon realized the power company turned on one meter, but there are two, and one was for the well. The two of us drove three miles to a hill, hoping to find cell coverage to call the power company. Even though it was a weekend, a service truck arrived an hour later to connect the well, and with no charge. We then had water, but also a leak in a water pipe in the basement  Our handyman (Mary called him a godsend) repaired the pipe and was finally on his way. It was 10:30. What a long ordeal. 

While we were calling the power company, the handyman discovered why the kitchen stove wouldn't turn on, but didn't have a replacement plug. So, our last challenge of the evening was to go out in the storm, once more, and find dry wood for the wood-burning stove. We actually removed boards from the inside of one of the old buildings! Yes! Food and water! Such is life on a farm, and I love it.                                                                                                                                                                       The First Day

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