Ownership: (2009)  Mary's account of the first evening on the farm.                        

We looked at the property twice, and the next time we saw it, we owned it. It was April 4th., 2009. Springtime, right? Not at the farm. Wind, Sleet, and freezing rain.

Thankfully, our realtor had given us the number of the handyman who closed up the farm for the winter. He agreed to meet us even though it was a weekend evening. His wife was working, so he asked if he could bring his two little girls.  

While the men were busy with their problems, I started vacuuming up the flies and mouse turds. (I love to say that word because it irritates Larry so!) (Even my spell-check won't acknowledge it!)  Anyway, the little girls became my responsibility, and I was
entertained! They spent hours in a bedroom rehearsing silly little plays. Then, I was summoned to turn off my vacuum and watch. Never underestimate the value of such annoying distractions, as my spirit is lifted to this day, each time I remember the oldest telling me with pride, "My daddy can fix anything!"

A memory of the littlest girl also reminds me of another condition of the house. Antifreeze had been poured into the toilets, and they were a disgusting color. Although the little girl was soon in pain, she would look in each toilet bowl, then refuse to go. Telling her NOT to look in the toilet didn't work. Finally, to avoid having to clean up a mess, I turned her around, pulled down her pants, and sat her on it. Relief!    

The little girls eventually became bored dancing and playing in an empty house, and wanted to go to their daddy. Fearing their safety, I gave my charge to our son. His spirit was also lifted as he witnessed two tough little country girls, who happily braved the storm at that hour of the night, to be with their daddy. No whiner-butts there! 

My last challenge of the night was to discover the kitchen stove didn't work, and we couldn't heat our food. It was 10:30 and we were tired and hungry. Oh!  It just wasn't plugged in. Oh, no!  Some idiot replaced the plug with the wrong one!  Cold pork chops, rice, gravy, and peas from the cooler just didn't sound appetizing. But, HEY, we have a wood-burning stove in the dining room! Look!  It even has two burners!
                                                                                                                                                              Ownership cont. Larry's account

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