Questions:  (2011)  by Mary

"You have to have a brain in order to think." That's a quote from my mom, and lately, I find myself saying the same thing when I forget something important. However, today, on the way back from the farm, I thought so much it gave me a headache. I have too many unanswered questions. Some, I am determined to search for answers, but others are probably the ones that gave me the headache. 

How did the pioneers keep the weeds out of new gardens and fields?

When farmers first started growing big fields of crops, I know they cultivated, but how did they keep the weeds out of the direct row?

Can we blame the farmers for being grateful when chemicals came along to help with weeds and insects?

Is it a blessing or a curse that seeds can be genetically engineered so that chemicals can be put in the soil at the same time as the seeds, or sprayed on afterwards, and only the weeds die?

Can we shoot the planes that fly over our neighbor's field with a stream of chemicals spewing out, and what happens to our land and water when these chemicals are used year after year after year?

Should farmers be blamed when they can raise their animals and send them to market much faster if they feed them hormones?

Are we to blame that our fruits and vegetables are grown using chemicals because we have to have perfect produce?

Is it our fault that poultry are bred with such huge breasts they can't walk, just so we can have mostly white meat?

Why did Ohioans have to have permission by their court to label milk as NOT coming from cows given hormones to make them produce more milk? Isn't that backwards? And why didn't I know about this usage, and that European countries don't allow it?

Is the demand for organic changing things? Are organic farmers in some areas really being persecuted, and do I want to know about the lobbyists?

Is it the government's business if some people want/need to buy raw milk?

What happens in our bodies when all our grains, fruits, and vegetables are grown with chemicals, and we eat animals that all their food is grown with chemicals?

What causes cancer, and what causes autism in so many children?  Etc. Etc. Etc.

How do the producers of organic grown fruits, vegetables, grains do it without chemicals, and Is it possible we can do it?

Should we start buying our meat, eggs, milk, grains, fruits, and vegetables organic? Can we afford it? Can we afford not to?

Does anyone care? Do you think about these things? Is it better to be like so many, and not think at all?

Hello, My name is Mary, and I think.
And I have a headache.

Top: "Thinking?"

Larry spotted this toad while doing the chicken chores!

Right: It is drizzling out and Larry is relaxing and thinking how peaceful and quiet it is. He is also talking a lot. He does this when he is happy which makes me happy!

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