Have you noticed the old-fashioned farmyard with cows, pigs, chickens, and a garden is disappearing?

Now we often see feed lots, or a monoculture of some kind of crop, growing practically to the farmhouse doorstep. 

Picture:  The chicken house.  Character!

The farmyard: (2009)  by Larry & Mary

Our acreage was created by cutting off the house and farmyard from a much larger, old-fashioned farm. By now, the buildings are ruined or nearly so, by age and neglect. All eleven of them. Even the quaint red barn featured in the advertisement has a sagging roof with holes, and rotting siding. Most are arranged in a semi-circle around the house - starting with a brooder house, huge chicken house, grain building, machine shop, barn, hog house, etc.  

Our plans, at the time of purchase, were to clean out the buildings, save a few, and raze the rest. The problem would be the left-over cement foundations. We already counted three from previous buildings. No use thinking ahead too much.  

Potential.                                                                                                                                                             Ownership

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