Tires  (2010)  by Mary

Perry came to visit us over July 4th weekend (2010), and he and his dad had a great time working together. Larry had been waiting to round up the tires ever since that day the first summer when we went for a pleasant walk getting acquainted with our property. It didn't surprise us to find more junk here and there; especially torn down wire fencing. But, oh my, so many tires, and some of them were huge. Did it ever end? The pleasantness turned to disappointment. What would we do with all those tires? Then, our neighbor told us he would let us know the next time there was a designated day for recycling tires, and we asked if we could hire him to haul them in. Now with the tractor and Perry's help, we could gather them up - all 35 of them!

There were 35 tires of various sizes.

 Junk too big for the wheelbarrow 

            sweet corn

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