A farm vacation  (2011)  by Mary

We just used three weeks of vacation, spending the first two at the farm, and most of the third in Wisconsin visiting our daughter, Amy, and family. This is the third summer straight that we have done this, and have no regrets. However, we think we are about due to actually go on a trip next year! I have wondered if this summer might be too boring to journal as we didn't do anything spectacular. Regardless, it was our summer vacation at the farm, so I will begin.   

Josh: We picked up our oldest grandson, Josh, at the airport on Friday, July 29th., and headed for the farm the next day with our Honda packed full. This was Josh's 3rd. summer with us, and he has been a delight each time. When we took him home I mentioned that he would graduate before next summer and probably have a nice job. He said that he hopes to come back again. We hope so, too!

Sweet corn: One of our first jobs was to help freeze the sweet corn. Although the others had already been working on it, we helped four mornings before finishing the harvest. 

Things learned: This is a year of experimenting in growing many different foods organically, and we learned a few things about sweet corn:                                                                  1. Don't grow it too close to the electric fence or some of the leaves will need trimming!                                                      2. Do a sacrificial planting, as the first planting was hit with worms and bugs, and the later plantings were nice.              3. Plant more! And maybe even one or two more later plantings than this year's. It is nice to continue picking for meals!

Seed corn: Todd had also planted a patch of Golden Bantam, the only existing heirloom, non-hybrid, sweet corn. (1902) They are nice ears, but small, and he hopes to improve it. He also learned that you can keep hybrid seed corn in the freezer for eight to ten years. A good option.  

  Josh & me  

Larry, Nancy, & Erin

I remember helping my mother process sweet corn. She preferred to pick it herself. Not one of us could begin to keep up with her.  

Um!  Nothing like corn on the cob!
(photo by Erin)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           More Junk
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